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Avon Grove School District Real Estate

Avon Grove School District

Avon Grove School District is a K-12 public school system that serves over 5,000 students in four schools: Penn London Elementary School (K-2); Avon Grove Intermediate School (3-6); Fred S. Engle Middle School (7, 8); and Avon Grove High School (9-12).

According to the Avon Grove School District website,

The Avon Grove School District developed a Strategic Plan during the 2014-2015 school year. The development of the Strategic Plan utilized a comprehensive and unique approach that involved various stakeholders in the district. As a result of [this] process, the required Comprehensive Plan was submitted and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in June of 2015. The Influence Maps (Visioning, Barriers, Actions) generated during the strategic planning process provide the mission and vision for the district for the future as well as specific high leverage strategies for action for accomplishing the vision.


The purpose of the Avon Grove School District is to foster a learning environment for all students to be exceptionally well-prepared to succeed and lead full and meaningful lives.


All Avon Grove students are well prepared to create their futures.