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Buyers-In-Waiting has Pre-Approved Buyers who are actively searching for homes and are ready to buy.

Search our Buyers-In-Waiting list below (updated weekly) to see who might be a match for your home:

  1. $350,000-$700,000/Single family home on 2+ acres/Chester County, PA – Reference Code: DW
  2. $250,000-$800,000/Beach House  – Reference Code: FG
  3. $100,000-$375,000/Single family home/Newark, DE – Reference Code: VP
  4. $300,000-$400,000/Single family home/Middleton, DE – Reference Code: PB
  5. $50,000-$200,000/Distressed home for flip/New Castle, DE – Reference Code: AO
  6. $175,000-$225,000/Single family or Townhome/Newark, Pike Creek, South of Canal, Brandywine areas – Reference Code: MN
  7. $250,000-$400,000/Single family home/Wilmington, DE area – Reference Code: HN
  8. $150,000-$550,000/Active Adult Community/Kent, New Castle, Sussex areas – Reference Code: KW
  9. $150,000-$300,000/3 bed, 2 bath, single family home/Wilmington, DE area – Reference Code: EA
  10. $275,000-$350,000/3+ bed, 2+ bath, single family home/Newark, DE area – Reference Code: GL
  11. $275,000-$325,000/Townhome or single family home/Brandywine area – Reference Code: JW

If you would like information on a potential match, click HERE. Include the reference code in Additional Details field.